With a rich tradition of recipes dating back decades and even centuries, like the 1898 Harvard Lager, Rapscallion maintains a local and eco-conscious focus with community at its core.

    Through responsible growth and a commitment to staying local, we aspire to honor our community of supporters as well as fellow breweries. New England is home to many great beers; we encourage you to make them your staple choice… and when you visit other parts of the country, we encourage you to try their beer first.

  • Honey

    Our Flagship beer, Rapscallion Honey, is an extra pale style
    ale infused with native wildflower honey from local farmers.
    It’s a crisp, clean, and refreshing craft beer with hints of cascade and nugget hops balanced by a subtle honey aftertaste.

    At 4.5% alcohol by volume, Rapscallion Honey is a unique session beer which can be enjoyed any time of the year.


    ABV: 4.5%
    IBUs: 11.5
    Availability: Draft only

  • Lager

    MA’s oldest lager pouring now was 1st brewed in 1898 by the Harvard Brewing Company, the lager survived the Great Depression, prohibition, and WWII before halting production in 1956. This historic American-style, premium lager also made a brief encore in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with Concord Brewery. Any recipe that has seen 3 different centuries speaks for itself.


    ABV: 4.5%
    IBUs: 16.5
    Availability: Draft only

  • Blonde

    Rapscallion Blonde is a deep golden, Belgian-inspired ale. The flavor is a mixture of sweetness with some fruity undertones, spiciness, and a light, underlying bitterness.


    ABV: 7%
    IBUs: 26
    Availability: Draft only

  • Black IPA

    Rapscallion Black IPA is a dark, robust IPA
    made with local hops from
    Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA.


    ABV: 6%
    IBUs: 70
    Availability: Draft only

Black IPA

Winterfest 2016 - Saturday, 2/6 12-10pm @ the Brewery

Free admission - Live music, food truck, special winterfest beer and more!