New Menu at Table & Tap!

A quick Q&A with Chef Ian on our new menu…

Tthirteenable & Tap recently launched a new menu. Can you highlight a few of the dishes for us?
The Harvest Salad will really capture the flavors of the season with fresh citrus complemented by smooth and rich avocado and our house-made black pepper croutons for a little crunch and spice. The Salmon Burger is a new dish off the smoker that will be topped with a house-made roasted red pepper aioli. Full of flavor. And the Steak Tip Frites combine local grass-fed beef tenderloin tips and parmesan truffle fries – definitely a hearty, satisfying plate.

How do you go about putting together a new menu? What shapes your decisions?
It starts with our clientele and the seasonal availability of ingredients. From there it’s all heart – I build menus from dishes I’m passionate about making.

Which dish is your favorite to prepare? To eat?
That’s tough, but I have to say from this menu it’s the Fish of the Moment; it varies from day to day and the recipe is driven by which ingredients are freshest, so I enjoy the variety and spontaneity. My favorite to eat is the pulled beef sandwich.

What do you anticipate being the most popular dish(es) with customers?
I think the most popular will be the Pulled Beef Sandwich, Salmon Burger, and the Steak Frites.

What do you like about cooking in the springtime?
I love spring because our bodies are lacking the nutrients from fresh local ingredients due to winter. It’s such fun to work with each new ingredient as they come in.

What is your interpretation of the “farm to table” movement and how is it in play at Table & Tap?
Food philosophy is like religion or politics; I try not to force my opinions down people’s throats so to speak… that being said, all of our meats for this menu come from New England. This has been a challenge in some ways as non-commodity meats are different in flavor, texture, size and shape. Our vegetables will be more local as the season produces them. We try to limit high carbon footprint items but make exceptions for some items like coffee and sugar whereas a strict farm-to-table approach would eliminate any ingredients that are not native. To me, “farm-to-table” represents the rebirth of food the way it should be: fresh, local and simple.